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About Us

better work... improve life

What does “Daleworth” mean….?

It is the word that really motivates and uses your talents, so that you can finally benefit from your many gifts. At Daleworth Group we believe, that no one should never feel hopeless because difficult times always lead to better days, every difficult situation has a bright side. Therefore, in our corporation we utilize your talents to offer you a better tomorrow. Helping people to better work, better life is our common purpose and the way in which we contribute to society.

We Hire Top Quality Professionals
We find the right individual for the appropriate vacancy


With an increasingly flexible workforce and a tight labour market, HR Solutions was established in recognition of the demand for outsourced recruitment and payroll solutions.

What does HR Solutions specialise in?
Daleworth HR solutions provide unbundled services for all or some of your total recruitment processing needs.

How do we benefit from outsourcing the HR admin function?
The main benefit is that you reclaim the time spent on transactional, administrative tasks that can be easily completed by Daleworth HR solutions. The time you save will be spent on more important specific tasks that will improve your business.


The DALEWORTH GROUP INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION, was founded 31 years ago, at San Francisco, California, United States of America on the 9th April, 1986, with purpose of providing Full Human Resources solutions. The services we offer fall into the broad categories of temporary staffing, permanent placement, career transition and talent development, as well as outsourcing and consulting.

Working in partnership with hiring managers and jobseekers alike, Daleworth Group has grown quickly and has offices at United States, United Kingdom, Greece and Singapore. Our local teams provide tailored services, to meet the unique market conditions experienced in your city.
This area is an important market in the world economy, which has primary objective to meet the needs of businesses in all matters relating to their human resources.
The daily cooperation with the group Daleworth's large multinationals and European corporations confirms the confidence of the private sector to the group and shows the important position Daleworth Group held in the global labor market.


In Greece Daleworth Group was founded in 1996 and consists of the Daleworth Enterprises Hellas, S.A.(Société Anonyme). During this 21 years time it has extended its cooperation and its activities with local companies worldwide, and public sectors.


The Daleworth Group specializes in providing H.R. solutions, having developed methodologies for comprehensive coverage of each job, regardless of specialty or hierarchical level. Our corporation is the only company that covers jobs from entry level to senior management, so there is the possibility for a company to choose a supplier to cover all its needs, who knows all the structures and culture of the company.


The quality assured by the dedication of Daleworth Group, to create a lively working environment dynamic and constantly evolving in order to attract the best associates. Faithful to the commitment to provide quality services, Daleworth Group, is certified according to international standard ISO 9001: 2015, in the service of Personnel Search and Selection, and the service of Temporary Employment.


At the core philosophy of the Daleworth Group is the understanding of the customer, which achieved through systematic, face to face contact, to recommend the best possible solution.


If the services are not fully meet the expectations of the customer-company partner, the Daleworth Group as provide security service, ensuring that we tackle the problem, without additional financial burden. Daleworth Group is the most appropriate partner and ally of modern companies, offering integrated solutions in the field of human resources.


The importance of work, and what we do to help people find it, cannot be overstated. Work can define who we are. It can give purpose and meaning to our lives. It permits us to apply our talents to contribute to society. It is essential to our financial well-being. It is the means by which we can each realize our dreams. Our success in helping others realize their dreams depends entirely upon the trust and loyalty they have in us. Trust and Loyalty is the most precious commodity in any business, but it cannot be bought or manufactured, it must be earned.
We are dedicated to earning the trust and loyalty of our Associates, Clients, Customers, Shareholders, the Communities in which we operate and one another, by performing our work in accordance with this Code of Business Conduct and our Core Values of Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Integrity.


The Daleworth Group is one of those seemingly rare recruiting companies who actually listen to your career plans and then works hard to help you achieve them.
My assigned consultant went above and beyond what was required, assisting me through every step of the recruitment process, they were always available, even at weekends, and genuinely cared about you achieving your goals. I would absolutely recommend the Daleworth Group to anyone looking to make that next step in their career.

Alessandro Chiaramonte
Civil Engineer, Laurea Specialistica

Recently we have employed 205 construction professionals through Daleworth Group, and we really appreciate their professionalism and attitude. Based on our very positive experience, we would very confidently recommend the services of Daleworth Group, to any potential client.

Hubert Erbitrage
Project General Manager

We have been working with Daleworth Group people for over 11 years. They are very efficient and providing an exceptional services. Daleworth Group Consultants are friendly, approachable, helpful, understanding, and demonstrating professionalism and passion for their work. I appreciate their quick response, efficiency and prompt follow-up to our requests.

James Buscombe
Principal Civil/Structural Engineer

Our company has used the Daleworth Group to recruit a significant number of technical staff and will continue to use them in the future - we have recently helped with various Human Resources issues. As a result we have a great working relationship and we would highly recommend Daleworth Group expert recruitments' services to other companies.

Jürgen Köhler
Chief Technical Officer Hochtief AG

I was very impressed with the professionalism of the consultants at Daleworth Group and would certainly use them again for any future vacancies that we may have.

Debbi Cole
Personnel Director